Thursday, March 30, 2006

Random House

My life is a continuing photo essay of randomness and beauty...

The Colour chandelier.... a piece of beauty to aspire to!

The fantastic car park hosts at Colour showing us to our car park (in thongs, no less!) (er, sorry Brits, that's flip flops to you!)

My new boyfriend - look at those rosy cheeks, how could I resist a kiss?

Too brilliant to even need an explanation.... (because you can't get fresher than that!)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Forced to be a princess (it's a tough world)

On Monday Shelley, Mish and I were at Darling Harbour, and we went to the Chinese Friendship Gardens - which I've been dying to go to for ages. They are beautiful sculptured, maincured gardens, with a stunning waterfall, and a tranquil lake with giant koi, rogue turtles, funny temple-like buildings and beautiful plants everywhere.

And they made me be a Ming princess.

No, really. It was so cool!

There's a part where you can get dressed up in costumes like Chinese royalty would have worn, and you can use your own camera to take pictures of yourself around the gardens. You need to pay to ake the pictures, and sadly, being a few days before pay day I did not have the cashola to get the pictures done. And I explained this to the man as he asked if I'd like to be dressed up. I explained it to him again as he tied a long white skirt around my waist. I tried mumbling it again as he put a beautiful blue kimono on and gave me a fan to hold. I completely shut up as he placed on my head the most ornate and spectacular head dress you have ever seen!

It had blue birds and dragons and huge pearls on sticks! It had tassels that came down past my waist! It had sparkles and diamantes and good gracious it was just the most amazing thing I've ever worn ever. I kind of floated over to the mirror and remained in a daze for some time! Princess! A Ming Princess! Like a beautiful dream come true. I smiled benificently at myself in the mirror.

Til I hear Shelley saying 'No, no! I want to be the BOY!" (much to the dismay of the Chinese dressing man and his assistant who weretrying to dress Shelley in a pink robe!) So they dressed Shelley up as an emperor - complete with large sword and all!

The time came to take off the head dress, but I must confess that I've been mentally wearing it around ever since :-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My talented friends...

I was so floored by this beautiful poem, from my friend Phoenix.


You reached for me and brushed my heart and
where you touched you stuck.
Your fingerprints engraved upon the surface of my soul
grew to be a part of me –
in time
your touch was mine.
Your presence
no longer questioned but embraced as though my own.


And then my buddy Mr Torongo added some more genius.

i reached for you and brushed your heart
i only meant to graze it, not stick to it
i reached out in desperation seeking comfort
found a heart i could neither leave nor ignore
and i became a part of you
you became a part of we
and we became.. us

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