Thursday, May 15, 2008

Amy likes to...

Fun net stuff. Anna from Little Red Boat has tagged the internet at large to continue this meme. What you need to do is go to google, type in your name, and "likes to" and then copy and paste the results. Well, I love google, and I love googling my own name, so this was a tag too good to resist! It turned out to be even more fun than I'd thought it would be.
So let's see how many of the results were applicable...

Amy Likes To Go Rrr. Not entirely true, and this result came up quite a few times, which leads me to think that there are a few interesting Amy's out there.

Amy likes to search for bird nests and look for animal babies of skunks and raccons and deer and foxes. Not ringing even slightly true I'm afraid.

Amy likes to keep things fun while still covering serious questions. Yeeeesssss... lots of serious questions being covered here ;-)

Amy likes to do all sorts of things. She has fun at just about everything that she does. Not true. I am currently At Work at the moment and not having as much fun as I could be if I were say, at home in bed. Or at the shops shopping. Or at Hungry Jacks eating a large Whopper with cheese. Or canoodling with my fiance. Or, in fact, practically anywhere else, for that matter.

Amy likes to laugh, see sunsets, and eat Kansas beef. Hah, that is an interesting Amy! I mean, any girl who lists eating beef (and not just any old beef, it obviously has to be from Kansas pardner) in her Top Three deserves some respect!

Amy likes to tease other guys on this site. Hmm, hope not.

Amy likes to add a little Wellbutrin to an SSRI. Ah, yes, well, who wouldn't? I mean, you wouldn't want to have an SSRI without Wellbutrin would you? Sch!

Amy likes to imagine herself as a rock star. It's like google sometimes has a direct window into my brain. (Or perhaps I forget to put the blinds down sometimes when I'm belting out the Robert Palmer classics into my hairbrush at home? Possible.)

Amy likes to be called "Lady Fantastic". Yes, that oculd be my rock star name. Love it.

Amy, likes to sit in her cardboard box and watch while people (and bears) are making food in the kitchen. Well I do like to watch people make food, especially if there's a chance I can eat some of it. Not sure about what sort of food bears would make. Although upon reflection, if it was honey based, I wouldn't mind that.

Amy likes to ponder phsyics, like how does the Atom expand and why. Oh yes, many a long afternoon is spent whiling away the hours pondering such mysteries as atoms and physics and suchlike. /sarcasm

Amy likes to kick stuff in her spare time, which she expresses by playing soccer. Yes, but my ultimate goal is to take that passion for kicking things and make it a full time job, rather than just something I do in my spare time. "So what do you do?" "I kick things. For a living." "..."

Amy likes to spend time with her husband, Jason, and her son and bonus daughter. Bonus daughter? What the?

Amy likes to knit, prepare for and endure marathons across the country. I don't want to endure ANY marathon, and especially not one that requires you to knit to prepare for it!

Amy likes to let rip once in a while. Um, wellll... possibly, but never in company ;-)

Amy likes to dance, sew, do yoga and gives high marks to friendly men who can roll with the punches. That's a pretty diverse list of interests. Not sure why I would be punching those friendly men, but at least I gave them some high marks first to soften the blow, yes?

Amy likes to joke that hers is the only wedding she's been to with a "Don't Feed the Animals" rule. Hah! Yes. There's room for a good joke there but I'm still preoccupied with why I was punching those friendly men.

Amy likes to focus on the elements of a wardrobe that are vital, effortless and timeless. *sigh* I would love to be able to do that. Sadly I get sucked in by colourful, sparkly, impractical impulse buys from SES, Valleygirl and Target (oh Primark, how I do miss thee) and have a low quality wardrobe filled with pieces that don't work with each other and dissolve after the fifth wash, but not before dyeing all the other pieces an interesting shade of pink, blue, grey or a tye-dye combo of all three.

Amy likes to talk about fish. Um, true. But not around Sarah.

Amy likes to kiss and tell. Half true!

Amy likes to feel the burn. False?

Amy likes to play pretend. True.

Amy likes to do it. Pass.

Amy likes to shoot. False.

Amy likes to shop. True.

Amy likes to win. It is my raison d'etre, my reason to live.