Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to learn to wear a sari

"I love wearing a sari, it feels so glamorous."

How I did it: A friend bought me a beautiful, light sari and when I found out that a party had a Bollywood theme I couldn't wait to wear it! 

I borrowed a sari petticoat (basically a cotton drawstring skirt) from my sister. I bought a long, light coloured top to wear under the sari, as I didn't want to show too much skin. I looked up on wiki-how how to actually tie the sari, and got my husband to look at the instruction to - so he could help.

It was a bit awkward to wear, but it looked so beautiful and felt so dramatic and glamorous that it was all worth it!

Lessons & tips: There are lots of ways to tie a sari, but here's the method I used:

Wrap the sari fabric around your body once. Fold the fabric into pleats of about 15cm each. Fold them over the waistband of your petticoat, tucking them in. (You can secure them with a safety pin first.) Drape the rest of the fabric over your shoulder and you're done!

Photo below that I took myself isn't a very good quality shot, but boy I had fun wearing that sari!

Resources: Wikihow

It took me 1 day.

It made me Bollywood-tastic!