Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On cupcakes

Right, I'll start straight off by saying that I blame Darren and Jo for this. Ever since their wedding and their delightful wedding cake arrangement of glorious colourful cupcakes - I have been obsessed. And not obsessed in a good way either.

So Shells and I were helping to set upt he food for the wedding reception, and Darren had told me that there was a wedding cake, he'd even given me a fancy silver engraved knife that they wanted to use to cut the cake with. But - 10 minutes to go til everyone came down to the reception and the only cake we could find any trace of was a Woolworths sticky date pudding. We were pretty sure that wasn't it. Then, suddenly, we came across 3 crates of glory. Absolute glory.

3 crates stuffed full of the most glorious fluffiest cupcakes you ever did see, and a perspex stand to put them on. Hurrah! And then also - we now only have 8 minutes til everyone came down, so slight panic. We grabbed a little round table, put the perspex stand on and started piling cupcakes out of the boxes. Only the thing is - well, it had to look pretty, so obviously we had to colour code the cupcakes didn't we. But being the hygiene conscious girls that we are, a strict 'no licking fingers' rule was applied. And we watched as a beautful mountain of glory was built before our eyes without being able to eat any of them.

See mountain of glory below.

But then as we were about to run off and wash the icing off our hands and arms (and possibly faces) I discovered something a wee bit frightening - the little round tabel was in fact seriously unsteady. Unsteady! And yet laden with the mountain of glory! And then the people came, and of course everyone made a beeline for the cakes - and who could blame them really.

See mountain of glory from a different angle below.

So what was to be done? I had to stand guard over the table. I had to keep people from leaning on the table, brushing against the table, putting their drinks on the table, touching the table, breathing near the table... basically what I'm saying is that I had to stand near those cupcakes, watching them the whole time, not touching them, not eating them, not licking my fingers - just watching their beautiful glory. For about, oh maybe an hour.

I don't think anyone could have designed a better torture. It seemed calculated to make me go slowly insane.

Everyone wanted to talk about the cupcakes. Yes, they look pretty. No, you can't have any yet. Yes, I think I'll have a pink one first too. No, I'm not sure how they're going to cut them either. Yes, it is an unusal choice isn't it. No, I didn't make them. Yes, it is funny that I have to stand here isn't it. No, it's not actually all that funny that I have to stand here really, when I think about it, thanks.

I tried to amuse myself by taking pictures of them.

And finally, Jo and Darren made their way over, cut the cupcakes and it was on for young and old.

And that's where it began. My obsession with cupcakes. No doubt you will be hearing more of this in days to come :-)