Friday, June 29, 2007

Doing alright actually, doing alright thanks.

I have been unwell, and also I have been not well, and also I have been to NZ. It's been a big few weeks!
Firstly: unwell. Well, it's not all that interesting. I got sick, unexpectedly, and spent 4 days (4 DAYS!) in bed doing nothing but feeling sick and sleeping. 4 days off work sounds fun right? Not so fun when you're too sick to enjoy it!
Anyway, now onto: NZ. Which was lovely! My wonderful boyfriend Chris works in NZ so I went over to visit him for the long weekend. We spent the weekend in Wellington, which is a gorgeous place! We went to an equal number of book shops and chocolate shops, which is just right for a holiday I think. I was there for 3 days and we managed to: ride on the cable car, walk through the Botanical Gardens, go to the museum, go to the art gallery, do some shopping (obv!), watch dvd's, go out for dinner twice, go out for breakfast once, visit a chocolate cafe, found a honey shop (and discovered the existence of honey toothpaste btw! Genius!), and just generally have a lovely time. Did I mention the loveliness? Did!

Brilliantly, I forgot to take my camera charger, and I managed to take 1 picture before the battery went dead. And then I lost the cord to upload the single picture onto my computer. So no images... but I did go, honest!

And then the not being well. Which is different from being unwell, as in sick. I've been a bit discouraged lately with a few things, one of which has been work. The filing, for example, has been banking up, and was getting to very serious proportions - it was definitely starting to loom, occasionally snapping at innocent passers by. Dangerous. Well, anyway, it took a few threats but this week finally, finally, we've seen some support from upper management (the HR angels came to our rescue!) and we've been allocated a few more resources to help us out. Praise, praise, praise.

The happiest conversation I had this week:
Me: I have to go back to work tomorrow and I don't want to go! I was there all weekend!
Emelie: What do you need to make you feel happy?
Me: I need... I need about 7 days off work; I need to hear the word of God - for an extended period, maybe about 5 days; I want to be around faith filled Christians, about 50 000 of them I reckon; I want to worship God over and over again for 5 days; I'd like my two best friends to fly over from London and stay with me for the week; and my boyfriend to be in the same country as me for the whole week as well.

Not much to ask?

Halleluiah! I'm on leave next week for Hillsong conference, where all of the above will happen and probably a whole lot more! I'm so looking forward to it, the whole lot. Last year I got a cute conference hoodie - this year I'm on a bit of a tight budget, but possibly another hoodie is called for! I love that every conference I go to, Donna Crouch stands up and says "It's not just about stuff, get some resource as well." (Gotta love Donna) So it's totally about resource as well. I got a whole heap of great books and cds last year... but it's the hoodie that consistently carries the conference message into my world! Love the hoodie :-)