Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Surprise (Part I)

When I decided to move back to Australia from London, I kept it a complete suprise from my family. This was intensely exciting, and totally giggleworthy. To me, anyway! As requested, here's the story -->
Okay, so my 2 year Working Holiday visa was coming to an end, so to throw my family off the scent I told them that I'd gotten a 6 month extension, and that I was likely to get a further 5 years after that. (Yep, there's no such thing as a 6 month extension, I was suprised they bought that, but I'm a trusty kind of girl!) I also told them how much I loved it in London, and how I wasn't coming back even for a visit for a good few years yet.
Lies, all lies. (But for a good cause though, which has to kind of dilute the lie-worthiness from them.)
I booked the ticket. I arranged for my buddy Adam to pick me up from the airport. I obtained a contact on the inside: my cousin Heather. Heather was the key operative. As my family all live in seperate houses, she invited herself up to spend the weekend at my mums place, and suggested a dinner party on the Friday night on which I was arriving, so that everyone would be together. (Heather also outfitted us all with Secret Agent names which cannot be revealed here obviously for security purposes)

So, I flew in to Sydney at 6am. I know! 6AM in the morning. Not entirely my style at all. Adam, bless him, was waiting for me, and we went back to his beautiful apartment on Sydney harbour and had Coco Pops. Now Adam's mum lives opposite my mum, so we drove up to her place, and killed some time there waiting for the all clear from Heather to say that everyone was in place.
Time passed.
I paced.
Time passed.
I watched all the cars pull up at mums place, except for my sister Katy.
More time passed.
Everyone came out and got into their cars and left.
I panicked.
Heather messaged me to say that Katy had a flat tyre, but they were going to pick her up and it would be okay.
I debated flying back out of the country in a huff, but couldn't face the airline food again.
All the cars pulled back up again, Katy included this time.
Message from Heather: Thunderbirds are go!

This was it!

Adam and I started walking over to mums place, and as we walked I rang her house on my mobile. I told her that I had sent some photos by special delivery, and they should have been left on her verandah if nobody signed for them.

Mum: There wasn't anything there!
Me: Maybe you could go out and check?
Mum: But there definately wasn't anything there when I came home Amy!
Me: How about you go out and check again right now!
Mum: Maybe they'll come on Monday Amy!
Me: Mum, I'd love it if you could go and check just in case!!
Mum: I'll ask the girls...
Me: Yes, good! Get them to go and check!
Mum: Girls... did either of you see a package on the verandah when you came in?
Girls: No.
Mum: No, it's definately not there Amy!
Me: *silently pulling my hair out*
Mum: Does someone want to go and check just in case?
Katy: I'll go!

Yayy! This was it! I was so excited! So Katy came out and looked, and I started walking up the front stairs - and she screamed! Then Jessie came out to see what Katy was screaming about! Then mum! It was so funny! Mum went very quiet and I think she might have cried a bit! I was waiting for the 'Amy, it's so good to see you!' but instead I got "Why are you here? What's wrong? What's happened? Are you okay? What happened with your job? Why aren't you in London?" Not the response I'd been expecting!

"Er... I can leave again if you want?" I ask with eyebrows raised. They say "No, no, you've just been talking for so long about how much you love it over there that we're worried that somethings wrong!"
My lies, lies and damned lies had actually ended up biting me back! (Learn a lesson kids, don't fib) I managed to convince them al ltha tI hadn't just been deported, but that I had come back because I missed them all so much and wanted to see them.

And eventually someone asked the magic question that I'd been waiting for... "So how long are you staying for Amy?"

Me: "Well, I thought I'd probably stay for good!"

Cue more screaming and asstd alarums! (The boys meanwhile, were sitting down drinking beer and watching footy. Because, mate, screaming girls are a daily occurrence, while the football? Is an important event.)

We had such a great time! It was so great to see everyone again, and it was just the icing on the cake to walk in to the kitchen and give Heather a big high-five! All of a sudden the focus was off me and on to Heather... "YOU KNEW???"

Much hilarity was had by all! I lasted approximately 2 hours until unexpectedly falling asleep on my feet. And there was still Dad to suprise as well! Which... *yawn* talking about falling asleep... I'll have to conclude tomorrow...!

Pink: it's all over

I sent a fun email out to a whole heap of friends, the responses were hilarious. I've pasted them below:

>I got this this morning, and it's quite interesting to hear what ppl think...
>Describe me in ONE WORD - just one. Send it to me (only me) then forward this on to your friends and >see how many strange things people think about you. Reply - its fun!

Pink! (sorry that's the first thing that came to mind)

So that's 3 beautifuls, 2 inspirings, and 7 pinks! That made me laugh! And then stop laughing and start throwing away items of pink clothing. It's one thing to have a bit of a crush on your favourite colour - it's entirely another thing when people start defining you by it! So I'm searching for a new favourite colour now... any suggestions?

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

The sun is out today! Yes, after nearly two weeks of grey skies and rain, this afternoon we have a bit of sunshine! How lovely! For the last two weeks I've been prancing around telling people how much at home I was in rainy weather, and how this is what it is like in London all the time... how funny :-)

My little sister Jess is an entrant in the The Entrance Mardi Gras Queen, which is exciting! The major event is the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday. Jessie is sponsored by her work, the Wyong Council, so her float has the theme 'Water Conservation', which I'm not sure will be a real crowd pleaser. (Other ideas we came up with were "Microchip Your Dog" and "Pay Your Rates On Time!" neither of which really had much potential either!) Jess's plans sound fun though, and I am in charge of the music! I ran a search on Limewire for relevant songs, and found a few fun ones - 'Waterloo' by Abba, 'It's Raining Men' by the Weathergirls, there's a sweet Hillary Duff one, and one called 'Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows' which is almost unbearably cute! I remember it from an old Simpsons episode actually. Jessie will be a Water Princess, and her boyfriend Adam is dressing up as Whizzy the Water Drop - man I can't wait to capture that on film!

I'm still job searching also - how can there possibly not be a job for me yet! Feel like I've sent at least 50 resumes for jobs online. I know something fab will come along soon though, but it's hard to enjoy time off when you're not sure where you're going! Hopefully soon I will also hear about the FABULOUS house I'm moving to in Sydney! It's a share house, and my beautiful friend Shelley lives there, which is great. It's right next door to an old church too - which has to be good vibes, right! I just have to wait to hear when her flatmate is moving out. I can't wait to have my own space again! (although I will miss the broadband here!)


I don't think we're in Angelfire anymore Toto...

Yes, it's all new! (Or some of it is new, and some is new-ish, but let's not split hairs eh?) New home here at blogspot, and new-ish home back here in sunny Australia. I've just moved back from beautiful, beautiful London, and am missing it dreadfully!

Or... was...

...until I found out that it's 0 degrees there at the moment! Yep, not feeling so bad about the balmy summer days in Sydney now!

It's been 2 months since I've been back, and it's been a big adjustment! All of a sudden I can say 'pants' again, and I'm completely free to talk about 'thongs' if I want to; it's no longer a duvet, it's a doona again; I don't watch Pop Idol, it's now all about Australian Idol; I'm 3 months behind on The Bill, but 2 months ahead on Home & Away; instead of paying a fortune for my oystercard, I now pay a fortune for petrol instead; I don't have to stumble over 'crisps' because they're all just chips again; there's less of the 'whining reality tv' shows, and more of the backyard renovation blitzes going on; I don't have to watch out for pigeons, but I do have to watch out for mosquitoes... but the best, most wonderful thing that I've found over here? NOBODY SAYS "INNIT!"

And I can't tell you how much that's worth!