Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Got a secret?

Sometimes secrets are fun. Like when it's someones birthday coming up, and you know the PERFECT present to get for them, and you're so desperate to tell them because you know how happy it will make them, but you can't tell them because you don't want to ruin the suprise. I love that feeling!

Sometimes secrets are mundane. Like how you're not supposed to talk about how much money you earn with people in your office in case you get more or less than them, or how you're not supposed to discuss politics with people because it gets people all wound up and defensive. I tend to forget about keeping those sorts of things secret, to my detriment.

Sometimes secrets are sad. I recently found my old high school diaries and cried for the sad little girl that I used to be, keeping all those sad little secrets written down in a secret conversation with a book that couldn't help.

Sometimes secrets hurt.

Sometimes secrets are dangerous.

Sometimes secrets are better set free than kept to yourself.

Secrets are all sorts of things, but a while ago I discovered that secrets can also be extremely creative. I have a few beautiful secrets myself, and one day I'm going to attempt to express their beauty in a tangible form, like pinning down an exquisitely beautiful butterfly, and send them in here to Postsecret.

This video really captured me today. While you watch it, think about what secrets you have that might need to be set free. And then picture that same captured beauty inside every other person you walk past today - breathtaking isn't it?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's all about the fb

Wow, it's been ages since I've posted! And it's not because of lack of access - because our work firewall has mysteriously disappeared, and I now have my own brand new beautiful iMac at home in my bedroom. The reason I haven't been blogging, the one reason that I haven't been posting is... is... well, it's facebook.


The social interaction tool. It's the thinking persons myspace ;-) Well, whatever, I'm totally hooked on it. Have you seen it? Check it out here if not. The greatest thing about fb so far? I've gotten to reconnect with so many people who I'd lost for so long! Great people from school, lovely people from London, those crazy people who have moved to different countries than me, now I have access to them all again! Well, as long as they've joined up on fb that is. When I first started on there it was mostly Londoners, but after an extensive ground roots PR campaign by myself, I'm finding more and more of my Sydney friends joining up too, which is great.

I've added a little fb badge on the right hand side of my blog. I'm enjoying updating the profile pics regularly - especially since my luverly iMac has photo booth on it and I can snap pics of myself all the livelong day!

One of my other fave things on fb is that you get to put your status on there. You get started off with your name, like this "Amy is..." and you fill in the rest. Now, it does make you talk about yourself in the 3rd person, but you may remember that that is actually a favourite thing of mine to do! It's fun seeing the silly things that people put up there too. Here's a random snapshot of some of my friends status updates right now:

Marle is contemplating buying another handbag?! 4 hours ago

Lana is satisfied with good things. 7 hours ago

Martha is carrying a watermelon. 8 hours ago

Erin is being fanged by a squirrel. 10 hours ago

Damien is sleeping with his head on his desk. 10 hours ago

Vicky is happily British. 11 hours ago

Caryn is regretting all that rice. 13 hours ago

Kilara is finally home, and she has a story, although Mak's version is definitely worse. 18 hours ago

Umo is eating a mango at her desk. 19 hours ago

Filius is eating natural confectionary snakes for breakfast (and a nudie.) on Tuesday

Tate is not his hair- He is not his skin. He is not your expectation. He is the soul that lives within. on Tuesday

Christian is kind of a big deal... people know him. on Tuesday

Paul is considerizing. on Tuesday

Brendyn is wondering what it would be like being a professional race car driver. on Monday

Mandy is waiting for Carsty to get out of the shower so we can GO!!! on Monday

Jasmine is making sure she will never scream "your soft get up" at a footy player when they don't get up when injured after dislocating her knee & tearing ligaments. on Sunday

Seth is being broken by Apostle Paul. on Sunday

Mark is shaken but not stirred! last Friday

Beks is having a day off and going shopping!! A very dangerous combination. last Thursday

It's nice to know what everyone is up to :-)

So what are you up to? What has everyone been doing while I've been having a facebook holiday? Anything exciting? Coooooommmmmmeeeennnnntttttt!!!